About Us

We are a family run business based in Melbourne, Australia providing some of the hard to find and trusted brands of skin care beautifying essentials that we personally use or have used in our daily skin regimen.

We stock only original and authentic products sourced directly from the manufacturers, distributors and leading providers that we share directly with you. We also guarantee authenticity as we ourselves purchase these products directly.

There are certain products that are hard to come by and not always in stock, but when they are in stock they usually don't last long.

So be quick because we just don't know when we'll have more in.

Our travels and research enable us to find and source skin beautifying products from all over the world that we share because not all of these products are readily available in our beautiful country and everyone has specific needs when it comes to skin care to look and feel the best.

We are passionate about our skin care regime therefore the products we have available are ensured to be genuine, original and authentic.